tiistaina, toukokuuta 12, 2015

Centos 7 and zabbix agent

How to install zabbiz agent CentOS 7? 
Download sources wget http://sourceforge.net/projects/zabbix/files/ZABBIX%20Latest%20Stable/2.4.5/zabbix-2.4.5.tar.gz
Then unpacking tar -xpzf zabbix-2.4.5.tar.gz
Then run ./configure --enable-agent
After that make install (if you are root).
Then config server agent. Edit config file with is in location /usr/local/etc.
nano zabbix_agent.conf
Change zabbix server ip.
Then go to the /etc/init.d and run command: wget http://blogi.hallikainen.cc/zabbix/zabbix-agent
And then chmod 755 zabbix-agent and chkconfig zabbix-agent on.

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